How we got our NPS over 70 without ever calling a customer

How we got our NPS over 70 without ever calling a customer

How we got our NPS over 70 without ever calling a customer

Today I want to talk about NPS for 2 reasons –
1. Its an awesome measure of what people think about a company/product
2. We’re awesome at it and I want to brag

What’s NPS?

Ask your customers “How likely are you to recommend Convertri to a friend or colleague?”
Give them a number line from 0 – 10 + “Ask me later” to defer it
0-6 = Detractor
7-8 = Passive
9-10 = Promoter
NPS = Promoter % – Detractor %
(So your final score is between -100 and +100)
Anything above 0 is good.
Anything above 50 is excellent.
Anything above 70 is world class.

Our NPS is currently 73.

We love our customers and our customers love us.
But we haven’t done any of the traditional customer success stuff.
We don’t employ customer success managers. We hardly ever talk one-on-one with a customer. The math doesn’t work.
All the smart blogs like recommend having 1 CSM for every $1-2MM of ARR. That works great when you sell $100k ACV software but we don’t. We sell $1k ACV software.
Those $100k enterprise deals mean having a CSM for every 10-20 accounts.
The CSM can call their clients every week, if not every day and spend their time making them happy.
For us, that same math would mean each CSM having 1,000 – 2,000 accounts to take care of.
He’d be losing money the moment he picked up the phone. He might save a single deal from his calls each day and we’d lose 100 others in the same time.

So how did we do it?

1. Separated marketing emails from update emails.
They come from 2 separate autoresponders. Update emails come from The Convertri Happiness Department. Marketing emails come from The Convertri Propaganda Department.
We only want people to hear from us about things they want to hear about.
2. New features and fixes every Tuesday.
This isn’t some fake marketing hype where we push 1 tiny little thing a week. We push out more stuff most weeks than most SaaS companies do in a month.
We’re relentless about it.
Plus they get new templates, updates on what’s going on and a cool email all about it.
Not a week goes by without someone writing to us to tell us how amazing they find this.
3. Customer value webinars
Not thinly veiled marketing pitches. Customer focused webinars with no pitch at all. We spend some time on how to get more out of Convertri. We do updates on what’s going on in the company and then Q&A for as long as people want to hang around.
4. Super active FB group
Neil and I live in the FB group. We have to draw a line on account specific support. Those we direct to email but for any amount of “How do I?” or “Does the tool?” we’re there with super fast answers to help people along.
This has worked so well we now have a core group of users doing it with us. Its a race to see who can answer questions first and I only win because I type quicker than most people.
5. Fast response support that actually resolves issues
I’ll talk about our kickass CSAT score in another post but suffice to say people love how fast their issues get resolved.
We don’t have the fastest first responder time in the industry. We average about 10 hours BUT we make sure issues get solved.
Too many companies try to get a response out as fast as possible. We focus on solving the problem as fast as possible.
Got questions or want to know more?
Please ask below.